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«Hey Siri…»

HomeKit® brings your myStrom products on all your Apple devices and gives them fantastic new capabilities.

Product Selection

    Voice Control with Siri

    Control with the Apple® Home App

    Cross-manufacturer Control

Better WiFi Switches

Switch connected devices on and off with your voice or let the Home App switch all devices off when you leave your home. All new models of the WiFi Switch are HomeKit compatible. For the older models we will soon provide a software update.

One App for all

The Home App puts myStrom devices at the same level as accessories from other brands e.g. SONOS, Nuki or Netatmo. This means that you can use Siri to control your devices by using usual words such as Light or Switch.

An Autopilot for your home

The useful Scenes and Automations in the Home App automatically control your devices: e.g. at a given time, when another device is in use or when you approach your home.

It’s easy to put your myStrom devices in the Home App

With the new tile, the myStrom App helps you to easily transfer your devices to the Apple® HomeKit®. Your devices still remain in the myStrom App.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Select a compatible device
    in the myStrom App

    2. Transfer device to the Home App
    in the myStrom app

    3. Use the devices
    with the Home App and Siri

myStrom devices

Choose HomeKit®-compatible myStrom devices today.

  • myStrom WiFi Switch (CH)

    The Smart WiFi Switch that switches connected devices on and off, automatically saves energy and protects your home. Designed in Switzerland. For Swiss plugs.

  • myStrom Smart Home

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  • myStrom App

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  • myStrom & IFTTT App

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  • myStrom Powerline

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