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myStrom &
Apple Home App
(experimental / not certified)

The free App extends myStrom by adding many useful functions. The Home App is exclusively available and pre-installed on iOS devices.

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    Connection to other
    HomeKit devices

    Control of devices
    according to rooms

    Voice control with

All in one App

The Home App links myStrom devices to devices from other manufacturers – to make them complete each other and be easily controlled.

Tidied Up

Group devices by rooms and control them together by defining Scenes – e.g. “Good Morning” or “I’m home”.

Voice Controlled

Use Siri to activate Scenes and control devices with your voice. Available commands are “Siri, turn the Bulb in the Living Room off” or “Siri turn the office Switch on”.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Launch the Home App
    The App is pre-installed
    as of iOS 10

    2. Add devices
    Integrate myStrom devices
    into the Home App

    3. Assign
    Assign rooms and
    scenes to devices

Important Usage Notice

Apple Home currently supports myStrom Bulbs and myStrom Switches. The installation codes for each device are in the myStrom App. If you wish to control myStrom Bulbs via Apple Home, you must define one myStrom Switch as a “Gateway”, that transmits all control commands to the Bulbs. This Switch then no longer acts as a “regular” Switch but as a Gateway.

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