WLAN Energy
Control Switch

The myStrom Switch makes energy understandable.
You can now see what your devices consume, how much the energy consumption costs.

myStrom WiFi Switch is currently out of stock. Available again end January 2017.

Measure, Control, Protect.
myStrom is Energy-Management and Home-Automation.

Monitor the energy usage and the costs of the connected devices.

Create on/off schedules to save costs or simulate a presence.

Get alerted if a device is switched on/off or if its energy usage is too high.

Turn your devices on/off with the myStrom mobile app - from anywhere.

myStrom is the perfect combination
of Hardware and Software

myStrom is mobile. Simply download the free myStrom App to turn a device that is connected to the switch on or off using your smartphone or tablet.

myStrom is a cloud service.
It keeps track of your consumption and gives you access to your devices - from anywhere.

myStrom is absolutely free. The switch is the only thing that you need to buy.

The WLAN Energy Management Switch.
Designed in Switzerland - for Switzerland.

The myStrom switch is designed in Switzerland for Switzerland. It is small, beautiful and does not block other power outlets.

The myStrom Switch uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, heaters, fans and more.

Consumes less than 1 Watt but can control devices that consume up to 2300 Watts.

myStrom supports IFTTT.
You can now automate and add the devices you like! We support the ON | OFF | TOGGLE commands.

The App. Simply simple.
The myStrom App or the Swisscom App.

New design. The App has been completely redesigned and redeveloped - in regard to the new design trends as well as the latest possibilities offered by mobile devices.

Perfectly integrated. For Swisscom customers who have the new Internet-Box, it's super easy. Unpack, plug in, connect the Switch to your WiFi, start the App and you're all set! Perfectly integrated.

The Swisscom Internet-Box App. Swisscom has added the myStrom function to the Internet-Box App. Swisscom customers who have the new Internet-Box can - in addition to accessing their personal data such as music, photos or movies remotely - now also control their myStrom Switches.

The fabulous new App.
It is here!

Simple and adaptable. The "Shuffle card" concept offers great possibilities for customization - you can change the position, the icons and much more. Control and interaction has become faster and simpler.

Scheduler Create on/off schedules to save costs or simulate a presence.

More functions. The main driver of the new App development has been to take the latest mobile trends into consideration. The App will soon have all the functions the web portal has.

The App is available for