Swisscom Internet-Box App


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myStrom &
Swisscom Internet-Box App

The second home for your myStrom devices and their functions. Exclusively for Swisscom Internet-Box customers.

    Everything for the
    Swisscom Home Network

    Smart and

    The functions
    you are used to

Everything for your Swisscom Home Network

The Swisscom Internet-Box App offers easy access to all the useful functions of the Swisscom Internet-Box – including its own Smart Home zone.

Smart and Practical

You can find myStrom in the “Smart Home” zone of the App, with other interesting Smart Home Products from other manufacturers.

The functions you are used to

Login with your existing myStrom credentials – and you can use all the myStrom App functions from within the Swisscom Internet-Box App.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Install
    On an iOS or Android device

    2. Login
    With your existing myStrom account credentials

    3. Use
    Have fun!

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