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Warranty Clause

  1. Scope of Application

    This warranty clause applies to all the devices sold by myStrom AG (hereinafter referred to as “myStrom”) or its distribution partners (incl. accessories) from its portfolio of devices for private customers (hereinafter referred to as “devices”). If the distribution partner provides its own warranty clause upon sale of the device, these shall apply.

  2. Duration and Provisions

    As from the date of sale, myStrom provides you with 24 months’ warranty on all devices. Should any defects arise, please report these to the point of sale or the respective customer service of myStrom. The delivery and collection of the device shall be for your account, even in the event of a defect under warranty. myStrom shall bill you for the travel time, vehicle and labour costs relating to defects and interferences, which are to be rectified at your residence on your request (not possible for all devices). In the event of a defect, myStrom may comply with its warranty clause by replacing or exchanging the device with a similar device or rectifying the defect. myStrom may replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts. Ownership of the replaced parts shall transfer to myStrom. Should myStrom provide a warranty service, myStrom shall provide a warranty of 6 months on the repaired or exchanged device; if the original warranty period should be longer, then that period will apply. These warranty periods are neither suspended by any warranty service nor do they start again from the beginning.
    You are obligated to test the functioning of the device after its repair or replacement. If the defect has not been rectified, myStrom shall repeat its warranty service on request. Should the defect not be rectified either through repair or replacement despite repeated attempts, you will only be entitled to withdraw from the contract and demand repayment of the purchase price on return of the device.
    Furthermore, myStrom shall not provide any warranty for a disruption-free operation of the device or services. These warranty provisions replace the statutory warranty provisions and the associated damage claims of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

  3. Limitations

    The warranty shall not extend to supplies and consumables such as batteries, accumulators or information carriers (e.g. operating instructions provided as a CD or in paper form) and not to defects for normal wear and tear, improper use and intentional or negligent damage by the buyer or third parties. Nor does it extend to defects that are due to the effects of moisture or other external influences (falls, pressure or blows incl. transport damages) or due to overloading from connected loads. The warranty shall extinguish if actions are taken which are not authorised by myStrom.

  4. Data, Data Backups

    If you would like to make use of warranty services, you are responsible for backing up the data stored on the relevant device. Data backups should be performed before the repair. For data backups carried out by myStrom and/or its authorised partners, myStrom cannot guarantee the success and completeness of the backup. Any liability and warranty claims for lost data as well as corresponding consequential damages are excluded to the extent permitted in law.
    You acknowledge that myStrom, its partners or third parties contracted by same may obtain access to the data when providing warranty services. myStrom shall ensure that this data is treated confidentially.

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