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myStrom & Node-RED

Connect myStrom with third-party Smart Home systems & devices easily, over your local network.

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    Direct & local control

    Easy to use flow editor

    Runs on any device

Integrate myStrom with your Smart Home

Node-RED uses your local network to connect your myStrom products with a wide variety of Smart Home systems – e. g. made by Loxone, Home Assistant or HomeMatic.

Directly interface with third-party Smart Home devices

Node-RED uses your local network to connect your myStrom products with market-leading Smart Home products by Sonos, Philips – and many more – over your local network.

Merge systems intuitively

Use Node-RED’s browser-based flow editor to wire together flows easily. Deploy flows to the runtime in a single-click.

Run Node-RED from any device

Manage Node-RED from any computer running Linux, macOS, Windows or Android. Install it on your Smart Home’s dedicated server –  or even on a Raspberry Pi!

Up and running in a few minutes

    1. Install Node-RED
    On a Windows, macOS, Linux or Android device.

    2. Install myStrom Node
    On your myStrom devices.

    3. Connect 
    Connect Nodes with the flow editor.

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  • myStrom WiFi Switch

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  • myStrom WiFi Bulb

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  • myStrom WiFi Button

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