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myStrom WiFi Switch

Use your smartphone to switch connected devices on and off. Smart functions that automatically help save electricity. For Swiss sockets.

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    Switch devices
    on and off

    Smart energy


«Hey Siri…»

Switch connected devices on and off with your voice or let the Home App switch all devices off when you leave your home.

Switch devices on and off

With a simple swipe, switch the devices connected to the myStrom Switch on and off – no matter where you are.

Smart energy saving

Measure your energy consumption and costs and get your myStrom WiFi Switch to switch devices on and off automatically, by timer, stand-by or schedule – as do the display cases of our customer, the Bernisches Historisches Museum in Bern.

Photo © Bernisches Historisches Museum, Bern. Photo: Stefan Wermuth

Know your room temperature

The integrated thermal sensor makes your WiFi Switch even more useful. Thanks to this function, you can define the ideal temperature of your wine cellar and keep an eye on the heating of your second home.

Measure solar power generation

Learn how much power your solar panels are generating, and at what time of day.

Optimize own consumption

Use your switches with the Solar Manager (ext. Link) for automatic optimisation of your own consumption.

Prevent break-ins

With a connected lamp, the myStrom Switch simulates presence in your home – the best way to prevent break-ins.

Installed in a few minutes

    1.Install device
    The rounded design leaves plug space available

    2. Launch the myStrom App
    Open your free myStrom account

    3. Connect
    Follow the steps in the App

  • Learn more about the technical details & conditions

Technical details & conditions

myStrom WiFi Switch

Wireless/WiFi standard
IEEE 802.11n / 2.4 GHz (1)


On/Off • WPS

Status • Relais

52 x 80 x 76 mm

140 g

Measurement spectrum & accuracy
2 — 2300 Watt • +/- <1 %

Maximum power consumption 

Power Input
100 – 240 VAC • 50/60 Hz

Power Output
100 – 240 VAC • 50/60 Hz • 9.9 A

Power consumption
0.9 Watt

Operational environment
0 – 40 °C • 10 – 85% humidity (non condensing) (2)

Storage at
10 – 60 °C • 5 – 90% humidity (non condensing)

Security & EMI

CoC v5

2 years (hardware)

Package contents
1 WiFi Switch • Manual

– WLAN Router/Gateway
– myStrom Account
– myStrom App (Apple iOS 9 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher)

(1) Data throughput and installation range can vary. Network conditions and climatic factors, incl. data volume/traffic, construction/structure as well as used materials can influence the data throughput as well as the installation range.
(2) Only suitable for indoor use – keep devices away from humidity.

Buy myStrom WiFi Switch now

The smart switch.

  • myStrom WiFi Switch (CH)

    The Smart WiFi Switch that switches connected devices on and off, automatically saves energy and protects your home. Designed in Switzerland. For Swiss plugs.

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    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Shipping time 3-5 days.*

  • myStrom WiFi Button

    The Smart Button that controls myStrom without having to use an App. Up to 3 functions per button. Designed in Switzerland.

    24.00 CHF Learn more >

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Shipping time 3-5 days.*

Additional services & compatible Apps

Extend the possibilities of your myStrom Smart Home.

  • IFTTT App
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Control4
  • Node-RED
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