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Control your speakers with myStrom and give them new, useful functions.

*Control via the SONOS Cloud

    Control with myStrom

    Automate playback

    Use with Actions

Control with myStrom

Control the playback and volume of your speakers with the myStrom App, myStrom Scenes and myStrom WiFi Buttons.

Automate playback

With the WiFi Motion Sensor, you can make your music greet you and ensure that the speaker is only on when someone is around.

Use with Actions

With Actions any device event can trigger music playback – when the light gets bright, when another device is used, upon movement detection, the push of a button and much more

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Plug in
    With the electrical cable

    2. Connect
    Follow the steps in the myStrom App

    3. Use
    And enjoy!

Compatible myStrom devices

Choose the myStrom devices that make your SONOS and IKEA SYMFONISK speakers even more practical.

  • myStrom WiFi Button

    The Smart Button that controls myStrom without having to use an App. Up to 3 functions per button. Designed in Switzerland.

  • myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

    The smart motion detector that automatically switches lights and devices when you move and saves electricity when you’re away. Designed in Switzerland.

  • myStrom 💚 dingz

    Little Switch. Huge upgrade. The revolutionary switch that gives new capabilities to your lights, blinds and heating. Takes your home from clever to smart. A product from iolo ltd. with [myStrom inside].

  • myStrom Smart Home

    Learn more

  • myStrom App

    Learn more

  • myStrom & IFTTT App

    Learn more

  • myStrom Powerline

    Learn more

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