modulo® STECCO


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modulo® STECCO

Gracefully towering at 1.84 cm, the modulo® STECCO lamp by the Swiss 3LIGHT Manufacture is elegant and understated. A jewel that highlights the beauty of your interiors and creates an ambiance by diffusing a soft light.

    Design Lamps by the 3LIGHT Swiss Manufacture

    myStrom inside

    You can choose the light temperature


modulo® STECCO is our first collaboration with the Bern-based lighting Manufacture 3LIGHT.


The [myStrom inside] designation means that you can control modulo® STECCO exactly as you would any myStrom Product. Via App, Button or voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


modulo┬« STECCO creates beautiful soft atmospheres with the light temperature of your choice between 2300 ÔÇô 5500 Kelvin.


184 cm, ├ś 25 cm

Bruno Rupp / Tom Kienle

LED lamp in an anodised aluminium structure. Wood base, lacquered in white.

2000 Lumen. Tunable White 2300 ÔÇô 5500K / 120┬░, progressive dimming via App, Button or voice control.

Package contents
Are included: LED lamp, 2.2 m electrical cord, instructions.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Plug in
    Connect and plug in.

    2. Launch the myStrom App
    Open a free myStrom Account.

    3. Connect
    Follow the steps in the myStrom App.

  • Learn more about the technical details & conditions

Technical details & conditions


modulo® STECCO

Light colors 
Tunable White 2300 ÔÇô 5500K / 120┬░, progressive dimming via App, Button or voice control.

Light flux
2000 Lumen

25 cm (round) x 184 cm

IP Standard

Electrical Cord
2.2 m

Package contents
Are included: LED lamp, 2.0 m electrical cord, instructions.

Power Output
220-230 VAC / 50 Hz

Power consumption
40 W

2 years (hardware))


This lamp is based on the myStrom LED WiFi LED Strip

WiFi/Wireless Standard
IEEE 802.11n / 2.4 GHz (1)

Security & EMI

2 years (hardware)

ÔÇô WLAN Router/Gateway (constant internet connection)
ÔÇô myStrom Account
ÔÇô myStrom App (Apple iOS 9 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher)



(1) Data throughput and installation range can vary. Network conditions and climatic factors, incl. data volume/traffic, construction/structure as well as used materials can influence the data throughput as well as the installation range.
(2) Only suitable for indoor use ÔÇô keep devices away from humidity.


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Swiss-manufactured Design Lamps with [myStrom inside].

  • modulo┬« STECCO (no shipping, pick-up in Berne)

    Elegant floor lamp by the Swiss Manufacture 3LIGHT with [myStrom inside]. Creates beautiful atmospheres with a soft light beam of which you can choose the colour temperature. myStrom WiFi Button sold separately. ATTENTION: this lamp has to be picked up in Berne ÔÇô please contact us at to set up an appointment.

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