Voice Control


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Voice Control for myStrom

With an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible speaker, you can control your myStrom Smart Home with your voice.

    Voice Control
    your devices

    Voice Control
    different rooms

    Voice Control compatible with
    all device manufacturers

Your Smart Home listens to you

A Smart Speaker makes the control of your myStrom Smart Home as simple as can be – and accessible to all those living in your home.

Transform rooms with a phrase

Organise the devices in a room in Groups and Scenes – and control them together.

Unites what belongs together

Voice Assistant apps group your myStrom devices with the devices from other manufacturers together and lets you control them all together.

Installed in a few minutes

    1. Add the myStrom Skill/App
    In the Alexa/Assistant App

    2. Scan for myStrom devices
    In the Alexa/Assistant App

    3. Assign devices to groups
    In the Alexa/Assistant App

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  • myStrom & IFTTT App

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  • myStrom Powerline

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