myStrom Cockpit


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myStrom Cockpit

The ideal complement to the myStrom App in a desktop format. 



    On all your devices

This is how you can access the Cockpit


    …click «Login» and…

    …enter your myStrom credentials.

myStrom App and myStrom Cockpit

The Cockpit is not a replacement but a complement to the myStrom App. For those who wish an additional option to use and analyse in a Desktop format.

Remote control for all

Turn your tablet into a permanent second remote control. Switch devices and scenes on and off, activate the Holiday Mode or set your schedulers.

Interactive Analysis in big format

Visualise your energy consumption and generation as well as the temperatures on a big screen. You can freely select your myStrom devices as well as the times you wish to analyse and can export your reports with the simple push of a button.

Important Note

If you are using myStrom WiFi switches for power production measurement, it is possible that they have been reset to 0.05/kWh with our update to Cockpit. In this case, please log in to Cockpit and enter the correct tariff for the device concerned.


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