WiFi Motion Sensor
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myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

The smart motion detector that automatically switches lights and devices when you move and saves electricity when you’re away.

CHF 39.00

    Switches on when motion is detected

    Different actions depending on brightness

    Integrated Temperature Sensor

A home that reacts

With the Motion Sensor, lights and devices automatically adapt to your behaviour: when you are home, when you are away, or when the lighting situation changes.

And … action!

With the powerful Actions, any WiFi Motion Sensor event – motion, brightness, temperature – can become the trigger for a scene or notification.

Saving energy? Being away is enough.

The motion sensor automatically switches off lights and devices when absent. This helps you save electricity in the most convenient way – and you don’t need to do anything.

Automatically sets the scene

Thanks to myStrom scenes, the motion sensor also controls several devices at the same time – and can even adjust the brightness and light colour of bulbs.

Different scenes for different times of day

The brightness sensor makes the Motion Sensor even more suitable for everyday use. Depending on the lighting, it can automatically switch alternating scenes: For example, it prevents the devices from switching on during the day, or let it turn on a cozy lighting scene at night.

Knowing the room temperature

As a bonus, the integrated temperature sensor makes the Motion Sensor even more useful. Thanks to it, you can easily ensure optimum temperature conditions and be notified when the temperature reaches, exceeds or falls below a certain level.

Plug in, done

The Motion Sensor is tiny, robust and works for any power outlet. It generates no battery waste and requires no installation material.

Access your myStrom Smart Home from anywhere - via Smartphone, Tablet or Apple Watch.

With a WiFi Button you control your myStrom Smart Home without using the App. Each Button supports various touch patterns and can control devices or device groups.

A Smart Speaker that supports Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant makes the control of your myStrom Smart Home as simple and intuitive as can be.

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Installed in a few minutes

    1. Plug in
    Plug into an electrical outlet

    2. Launch the myStrom App
    Open your free myStrom account

    3. Connect
    Follow the steps in the App

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Technical details & conditions

myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

Wireless/WiFi standard
IEEE 802.11n (1)

75 x 40 x 22 mm

75 g

Motion (PIR) • Brightness • Temperature (+/-1 °C)

Power Input
230 VAC • 50 Hz • Plug type T26

0.6 W

Operational environment
0 – 40 °C • 10 – 85% humidity (non condensing) (2)

Storage at
-10 – 60 °C • 5 – 90% humidity (non condensing)

Security & EMI

2 years (hardware)

Package contents
myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor • Manual (EN, DE, FR, IT, NL, PL)

– WLAN Router/Gateway (constant internet connection)
– myStrom Account
– myStrom App (Apple iOS 8 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher)

(1) Data throughput and installation range can vary. Network conditions and climatic factors, incl. data volume/traffic, construction/structure as well as used materials can influence the data throughput as well as the installation range.
(2) Only suitable for indoor use – keep devices away from humidity.

Buy myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

The smart motion detector.

myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor

The smart motion detector that automatically switches lights and devices when you move and saves electricity when you’re away. Designed in Switzerland.

CHF 39.00
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