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Support – Powerline

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Powerline ECO LAN

End of support for Powerline ECO LAN adapters as of 15 December 2022

As of 15 December 2022, support for Powerline ECO LAN adapters will end. This means that from this date onwards, all Powerline ECO LAN adapters can still be operated as Powerline devices, but will no longer be available in the myStrom App or the myStrom Cloud. This step has now become necessary for technical reasons – more than 7 years after the devices went out of production. We thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Information about myStrom Powerline

What is myStrom Powerline?

Powerline allows you to use your existing electrical network to transport the internet signal to the room of your choice.

How can I use myStrom Powerline?

Plug the Adapter into the electrical wall socket, connect to your Router with an Ethernet cable, then connect the Receiver device. That’s it.

What conditions should I fulfil in order to use Powerline?

– Router/Gateway with a free Ethernet port
– Receiver device with a free Ethernet port

What does myStrom Powerline offer?

With myStrom Powerline you can bring the maximum Internet performance where you need it. As opposed to wireless connection technologies, walls and ceilings do not represent obstacles for Powerline.

Is Powerline part of the myStrom Smart Home offering?


What is the maximum Powerline bandwidth?

Powerline 2000
– Adapter to Adapter 1000 Mbit/s
– Adapter to connected device 1000 Mbit/s Download, 100 Mbit/s Upload

Powerline 500
– Adapter to Adapter 500 Mbit/s
– Adapter to connected device 100 Mbit/s Download, 10 Mbit/s Upload

Buying myStrom Powerline

Where can I buy myStrom Powerline products?

Right here on this website, at Swisscom and it specialist shops.

What are the incurring costs – at purchase and later on?

You only pay the price of the Powerline devices. Using them is free.

Where can I find the Technical Specs of the myStrom Powerline products?

Right here on this website, on the Powerline product page.

What warranties are included upon purchase?

Upon purchasing Powerline products on, you get a 2-year warranty on Hardware defects due to manufacturing.

Installing myStrom Powerline

Where can I find the installation manuals for myStrom Powerline?

In the Powerline product package, on the website and in the myStrom App.

How do I install myStrom Powerline?

Plug the Sender/Adapter into an electrical socket close to your router/gateway and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable. Plug the Receiver/Adapter into an electrical socket in the desired room – e.g. where your TV-Box, your computer or your NAS are – and connect any of those devices to the Adapter with an Ethernet cable. The LEDs of both adapters light in solid white as soon as the connection is successfully established. That’s all.

What is the maximum number of Powerline Adapters that I can install?

Up to 5.

Can I combine myStrom Powerline Adapters with Powerline Adapters from other manufacturers?

In principle, it should be possible, as far as those other adapters function according to the Powerline Homeplug AV Standard. We nevertheless recommend that you only use myStrom Powerline Adapters together, because we are not able to offer technical support for installations combining other than myStrom Powerline products.

Can I combine the new myStrom Powerline Adapters with the older myStrom Powerline ECO Adapters?


Why do I have to plug Powerline Adapters only into wall sockets?

Powerline Adapters are sensitive to interference sources that are plugged into the electrical network at the same time. Those interferences are mainly caused by power supplies, chargers etc. If a Powerline Adapter is directly plugged into a wall socket and all other devices are then plugged into the Powerline Adapter socket, all interferences are minimised thanks to the built-in filter and the function is substantially better. For this reason, the Powerline Adapter covers all the sockets of a 3-way wall socket.

What devices can disturb the proper functioning of Powerline?

Disturbances can mainly occur if you are operating the following devices – microwave oven, hair dryer, clothes iron, drill. Those disturbances can go as far as momentarily interrupt the connection or – in case you are using Internet TV – freeze the image or the sound.

Using myStrom Powerline

How do I use myStrom Powerline?

Plug the Adapter into the wall socket, connect to your Router and to your receiving device. That’s all.

What do the various LED signals mean?

– Off: no power
– White: Powerline Connection OK
– White, fast blinking: connection mode
– White, slow blinking: Eco/Energy saving mode
– Red blinking: no Powerline connection

How do I use the "+" button on the device?

– Keep pressed for 2 seconds: this puts the device in connection mode that will connect the Adapter to a new or existing Powerline network.
– Keep pressed for 10 seconds: resets to factory settings

Help for myStrom Powerline

Powerline is not working. What can I do?

The hassle-free functioning of Powerline strongly depends on the existing electrical network. In case the Adapters are not functioning please do the following – plug both Powerline Adapters into 2 wall sockets in the same room. If their LEDs light up in white, they are both working. This could mean that reason for the malfunction lies within your electrical network that might contain old fuses and phase jumps. In this case an electrician might be of help.

I can't make any progress, how can I get help?

Please use the contact form on the support overview page here on this website. One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I give my myStrom Powerline to someone else or resell them?


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